Hollywood Video - Frustrated

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I was sent a letter from a collections agency to my parent's address where I lived 2 years ago regarding 2 unreturned movies in the amount of $20.00. It even lists the titles of the movies.

However, I remember specifically returning these movies, and the employee asked me if I wanted to purchase them for something like $5.00 a piece. I remember declining. So, now since the store went out of business about 2 years ago, how do I prove I did not purchase these movies? I am really disappointed and frustrated that this would be a collections agency issue, and to have never instead have received a phone call from the main corporate Hollywood headquarters so the issue could be disputed.

(I still have the same phone number). I feel this is unprofessional and am skeptical about the way they handle business.

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Hollywood video unfair debt collection

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hollywood video is attempting to collect alleged late fees or claiming videos were never returned. they went belly up about a year ago, hired a collection company, and now are trying to collect on accounts that were "late, or on merchandise which they claim was not returned to the store.

i received a collection company letter asking me to pay 67 dollars for movies they claim i returned late. they were sued by some attorney general and it was ruled they were to desist from attempts to collect, or reporting these accounts delinquent unless they could prove what they said was true.

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Screwed by Hollywood video!

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Use two video stores and returned videos in on time, but wrong store. These are two California franchises (Antelope and Citrus Heights) Been a longtime customer and accounts have addresses and phone.

Neither called or wrote late notice . Hadn't rented videos there for 45 days, so when we did, we got a lovely late fee bill for over $100! We had to pay the bill, but called corporate office, who adviced us the videos were STILL at trhe wrong store and we would be charged daily until we returned. Another $5 in gas later, we went to the video store to retrieve and return,but they said the had already been returned, WTF?

I will file a formal complaint. I rarely ever complain, but sometimes, like today, I will!

Thanks for letting me vent!

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Monetary Loss: $100.

Hollywood Video and their BS collection notice!

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I rented "PATTON" on 4/16/08 to watch for a school movie review assignment. However, I never had time to even watch it by the due date so I returned it ON TIME to the box without ever even opening the case.

Four days later, we recieved a call saying that I had only returned disc 2 of the two disc set for Patton. We explained that I had never opened the case and never watched the movie, so if there was only one disc when I returned it, there was only one to begin with. They said they would talk to the previous renter and get back to us. *That was the last we heard from them...*

Until today 6/23/08. I get a leter in the mail from Hollywood Video...a collection FINAL NOTICE. For $55+. I was appauled at this letter since I had assumed they figured it out and hadn't heard from them.

I went into the store and spoke with the manager, and he said that they had called and left several messages on our phone (false, we recieved 0) and had sent out a postcard stating the fee (also never recieved). After explaining how I never opened the case, I suggested that maybe the person who rented me the movie either 1) didn't check to see what was in the case or 2) opened it and saw 1 movie and said OK (without looking to see if it was supposed to be a 2-disc set).

The manager immediately said "that person is one of our star employees, i doubt it". It doesnt get more arrogant than that.

I explained that there was no way I was going to pay the $55 whatever fee. I would hire a lawyer before I would do that. He offered to accept a $5 late fee to make it go away, I resentfully paid it, as they didnt deserve a dime.

I told them to delete my account and I would never go back EVER again. I rented from them only two times, and this is how they treat me.

Blockbuster, or anywhere else for that matter, is BETTER!

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Hollywood Video stole money from me.

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Today I went to the Hollywood Video located right up the road from where I live like I usually do(almost weekly) and will never go there again.

First we were told that had over $8 in late fees from some things that we rented at least 2 months ago. I am never late with my movie because I drive past this location almost daily anyway. Plus, in the many times we have rented since then, we have never been told that we had any late fees.

Then we got the same candy we also get that they put into special bundle pricing and were charged full price (almost double) what we usually pay and what they have advertised. We were informed that they changed which candies applied for the bundle. That would be fine but there is no signing to tell you that things have changed or anything telling you which candies do apply to the special pricing.

We paid it any way and also rented a video game with a free rental coupon that was in a mail-out ad. We then left after paying.

We got home and took out the receipt to put it away and noticed that we had been charged $.25 for a play guard fee on the game. This fee is optional on all games and movie rentals. I know this because not only have I been renting games frequently from this same location, but also because there is a sign sitting on their registers stating this. ("Add play-guard on your rental for an additional $.25.")

We then returned to the store to tell them that we did not authorize that charge and that we wanted our money back. The employee then told us that it was a mandatory charge on all of the game rentals for next generation gaming consoles. Again, this is obviously a lie because of my previous experiences and the sign that was clearly sitting right in front of my face.

The employee was also very unprofessional in dress. He was wearing a black polo shirt with a design on it. The shirt was untucked and faded. I had to ask him for his name because he was not wearing a name tag. He was wearing nothing identifying him as an employee what-so-ever.

He told me his name was Collins. I am only assuming that this is his last name. I know from previous jobs that employers should identify themselves by their first name. Sounds to me like he didn't want us to know his name for fear of our complaints.

So after being stolen from, lied to, and given horrible service, I will never go to Hollywood Video again. Which is actually a huge inconvenience since I now have to go out of my way to a different rental store. Have emailed their corporate complaints office and am awaiting their response.

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Hollywood Video - Slammed by Hollywood Vidios

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I have a movie pass with Hollywood that allowed me to have 2 movies out at time. I could return the movies as many times as I wanted during the month for a cost of $23.

When I went in to get my movies I was told my credit card hadn't gone through? Then I said ok, that's wierd, what do I need to do? "Oh, well we aren't offering the 2 movie deal any more, you have to upgrade to the 3 movies for more money if you want to stay on the movie pass."

Yeh, right, my credit card didn't go through because Hollywood cancelled my contract without telling me. Or any of its other customers with the 2 movie deal.

What a crappy thing to do to me and the poor clerk who had to deal with one very unhappy customer. I walked out of there with out any movies.

I think I'll take my bisness to Blockbuster.

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I live in illinois and you have closeed all your store here and i would like to known when. I still have my card to get movies but you have no place to get them here,I would to known if you are going to open a new stor here i need you to you was a very good movier store, your friend Gary


I agree with Steph. And I won't mention names, but a few people in this forum need spelling and math classes.


I recently went into the local Hollywood video store I have been patronizing almost every other day for the past two years.

I have an MVP plan that allows me to take out 3 movies at a time for $29. Recently when I went in the store clerk tried to sell me the power play plan that with the same coverage I have now could cost me $39.....A twenty-five percent increase WTF.....They are crazy if they think I will pay that.....I refused to sign up with this new Power rip off Play. ...I now see that when the time to bill me for the MVP plan arrived I was not billed.....I suspect they are canceling my account in attempt to force me to change to one of the new plans..... Yes.....I understand it is there right.....but I will be dammed if I will give them my business. Screw them.

It amazes me that they are so ignorant.. has anyone in that company gone to business school? Or are they all unemployable minnimun wage low life's like they have behind the counter????

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they stop the payment to the credit card after a random amount of months. I can't tell you how many people have moved away without canceling their "movie pass" (mvp) then calling to complain, like it's our responsibility to track that ourselves.

It's really not a hassle to come back in and reinstate the mvp, it's a quick swipe of the card and it's done.

And yes, they changed some of the mvps in some of the stores, some have dropped the 2 out deal and some other stores have gained it. but I'm sure blockbuster will be happy to receive your "bisness"

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Hollywood video never paid me my last paycheck!

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i worked at hollywood video and quit because of their bs. it is not the clerks fault they have so many problems with late fees.

its the company itself. we were not allowed to erase late fees even though it was our fault. the company is all about money and ripping people off. three of us quit on the same day and none of us have recieved our last paycheck.

we all quit right before thanksgiving 2007. this was once a great company to work for until new management took over. if you still rent from there dont pay the quarter for playguard.

i have never seen anyone bring in a broken disc and if they did bring a movie back its because it was already scratched. you dont have to pay for a movie that doesnt play they let you repace it!!!

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Hollywood Video Ripped Me Off!

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The Hollywood video in Acworth, GA harassed my boyfriend for weeks, claiming that he had not returned a video game rental. Now, I knew that was absolutely false because I had personally returned it to the clerk TWO DAYS EARLY.

When they started claiming the game was missing, I pointed out that my boyfriend and I had rented movies from them several days after what would have been the due date for the video game, and the clerk said nothing about late fees. I know that if that game hadn't been returned, there would have been some mention of it before we were given more rentals. But someone in that store misplaced the game and we were forced to pay a ridiculous amount for a USED game that we DID return.

To add injury to insult, when my boyfriend opened his account there, he added me on the form as someone who could use the account. I went into the store without him one night and showed them the rental card and my ID, and they claimed that whoever had filled out the form had "done it wrong" (trust me, we didn't, the form is simple and an employee checked it and said it was right at the time).

Funny how Hollywood Video always seems to blame the customer and can't FATHOM that one of their employees might be at fault.

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;) :upset :eek :roll :) :( :( :cry :cry :cry

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